Attention: Small Business Owners and Sales Leaders

Want to Motivate Your Sales Team to Sell More?

Let me join in on your next sales meeting too:

  • Motivate your team to take action. 
  • Provide ideas on how to sell more.
  • Leave a lasting impression. 

I first began selling at the age of 11, knocking on the door of unsuspecting neighbors offering my yard maintenance and painting services. Since this time I've sold everything from cars, to memberships, to widgets and professional services.

Before I began consulting in 2009, I led teams of all sizes in various organizations. My experience is broad having worked in automotive, electronics, distribution, power generation, retail, and not-for-profit. Roles have ranged from Sales to Operations, and even President.

During my consulting career, I’ve had the good fortunate to work with several recognizable organizations. My clients have included CN Rail, Pepsi Co., Bank of Montreal, Ernest and Young, and Tim Hortons just to name a few.

Although my work applies to businesses of all sizes, my passion is in helping business owners and sales executives who have a desire to create accelerated sales growth.

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